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Andamooka Series

On the edge of the ancient Eromanga Sea in Australia’s arid zone, massive mullock heaps reach up to the sky.  This is a place where people are individuals, adapting in their own ways to survival in the harsh environment. The land is brooding, mysterious, occasionally melancholic. Random roads vanish into the distance under endless skies, promising adventure to the prepared traveller … and danger to those who confuse the beauty of the desert for gentleness.

Close your eyes and listen to the hum of many stories from many lands. Open your eyes and look at the landscape as it connects to the night sky to tell the stories of the oldest living culture on earth.

Heather’s Andamooka series describes the diversity of this small town and its inhabitants on the edge of the ancient Eromanga Sea: Andamooka Nanna has grandchildren come to stay; Andamooka Anna is a character with a lot to say; Andamooka Bill sees lights on the hill; Andamooka Trish creates with broken dishes; and Andamooka Mary tries mosaic.  There are more to come!