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Andamooka Liz and the Textile Tizz

The book

What is it that lures us to the Outback? Perhaps it is the contrasts that are unique to this corner of the world. Ephemeral flowers sprouting from the scorched earth after rain; traditional practices adjacent to contemporary technology; often struggling but mostly optimistic.

It is here in Andamooka, one of the most arid and remote environments in South Australia, that creativity flourishes. One of Andamooka’s creatives is Liz. Liz is a long-term resident of Andamooka, a local with a passion for textiles. Finding beauty in this harsh environment, Liz skilfully sews together textiles with colours as bright as the opals which made this town famous.

During Andamooka’s 2022 South Australian Living Artists (SALA) Festival Exhibition, Liz’s quilts did not retreat quietly in the background as simply the backdrop to many of the artists’ work. Instead, the combination of colours in her textiles provided the foundation of the display, lifting the exhibition space into another realm by highlighting the work of the other artists and enhancing the community and collaborative aspects of the display.

Like many women, Liz’s skills have been passed down from mother to daughter for generations. With an emphasis on family and community, these women make time in their lives for their own expression of creativity and to pass on their unique skills. For centuries these women have combined beauty with practicality and Liz’s creations represent the talent, dedication, and care of those who came before her.

The story behind the book

Heather Gordon has travelled extensively in rural and remote regions of Australia. She loves the Outback environment and enjoys interacting with the people she meets.

Heather loves an adventure and a good story, as told in “Barossa Nanna and the Outback Camping Adventure”.   Heather’s winter retreats in Andamooka provided her with the opportunity to establish the connections and to work on her art projects in the winter warmth of the environment and the people.

Heather’s friendship with Liz extends across decades giving her the basis for conducting the interviews about Liz’s passion for textile art, and to provide project management for “The Prisoner Diaries” and “Innocent Until Proven Guilty”; two books that Liz has written based on her grandfather’s diaries.

Heather is fascinated with creating art from found materials and reconnected with Liz over her love of using pieces of textile fabric to create her own art pieces. Heather is all too aware of the way in which women’s skills and art are so often devalued and overlooked, which is why she is so passionate about sharing Liz’s story.

Following on from “Andamooka Trish and the Broken Dish”, an instructional text for creating with crockery, and “Andamooka Mary and the Eromanga Mural Journey”, a story about creating a mosaic mural, this latest eBook from Heather demonstrates her deep interest in the lives of Outback women and their concerns.

Written by Heather Gordon
Artist Elizabeth Schulz
ISBN: 978-0-6455580-5-0
Published: 2023
Created in Australia
Available in e-book