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Andamooka Mary and the Eromanga Mural Journey: Flora

Andamooka is on the edge of the ancient Eromanga Sea. Andamooka is famous for precious opal, formed in the fossilised bones of Cretaceous marine creatures.

But that’s another story.

This story is about Mary, who asked her friend, Heather, to teach her how to mosaic.

Heather wasn’t keen. She didn’t want to be a mosaic artist anymore.

Heather was sure she’d given up mosaics. She felt weary after completing her ten-year plan to mosaic the external walls of her house in Nuriootpa. Heather’s new plan was to spend the winters in the arid zone, learning about fossils and fauna and flora.

Mary was quite convincing. Maybe Heather wasn’t ready to give up mosaic.

This is the true story about two friends creating a mosaic mural and the people who helped out along the way, especially Chado.

This is a digital version of the original concertina collage composition created by Heather for Mary’s daughter, Rosalyna.

Written and illustrated by Heather Gordon
With Mary Ames and Chado ‘The Pirate” Addington
ISBN: 978 0 6451250 9 2
Published: 2022
Created in Australia
Available in e-book