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Barossa Nanna and the Dozen Ducklings

In collaboration with JULIE KING and ANDREA HOFFMANN of Croftwood Grove, South Australia, this story is inspired by real events, with a twist for the happy ending.

Barossa Nanna meets the gorgeous ducks at Croftwood Grove. The ducks entertain everyone as they forage among the plants and dabble at the dam. They lay eggs which are made into delicious cakes.

One day, a scary text message arrives.

A digital version of the original collage composition created from the artist’s own collection using colour photographs, old birthday cards and repurposed card.

This charming collage lends itself to playfulness by its nature, as it constructs new images out of the remnants of others.

Handmade original concertina collage book created for Eddie to keep. The eBook created to share the adventure.

Written by Heather Gordon
ISBN: 9780645125047
Published: 29 March 2022
Created in Australia
Available in e-book