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Barossa Nanna and the Odd Birds – A Colour Collage

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An Odd Birds colour collage for counting the odd numbers from 1 – 19.

This eBook combines easy to follow instructions for this inexpensive craft with a structured collage for children to count the odd birds.

The primary aim of the book is as a counting tool for children to discover and explore their imaginations. The secondary purpose is to support the older reader to discover and explore Collage.

Collage is about reinventing and recycling and repurposing. It’s a magical process which invites and encourages collecting, combining, experimenting; transforming with everyday materials.

Heather engages the reader with the background to Collage and conveys concern about Covid-19 circumstances through a brief journal of collage projects.

A digital version of the original composition from the artist’s own collection using colour photographs, old birthday cards and pages torn from a recipe book.

The unique handmade original concertina counting book was created for Rowan.

This digital version to share with those who enjoy crafting, especially collage, and using their imaginations.

A foray into #quarantinecrafts with easy-to-follow instructions and minimalist resources.

Written by Heather Gordon
ISBN: 9780648823940
Published: 25 June 2021
Created in Australia
Available in e-book