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Barossa Nanna agrees to look after a lorikeet for a week. The lorikeet has special food and special toys. There are foods a lorikeet must not eat. Barossa Nanna struggles to keep up with the clever lorikeet.

This e-book is a digital version of the original collage composition created using colour photographs from Heather Gordon’s own collection, colour swatches supplied by Jaybee, and Moira Brennan’s lorikeet illustrations.

The words for the plants the lorikeet eat introduce Aboriginal words into the story.

The original handmade original colourful concertina book is dedicated to Heather’s grandchildren, Moira’s children and Jason Bromley (aka Jaybee’s) mother.

Jason Bromley (aka Jaybee) is an educator, activist and researcher.

Moira Brennan is an artist, athlete and scientist.

Heather Gordon (aka Barossa Nanna) is an artist, author and children’s book creator.

ISBN: 978 0 6451250 5 4

Published: 2022

Created in Australia

Available in e-book