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Barossa Nanna and the Outback Camping Adventure

Barossa Nanna and her friend Maxine explore the Outback. They discover many of the arid zone birds and animals and camp among the wildflowers.

Along the way, Barossa Nanna learns a valuable lesson about sharing.

Heather Gordon (aka Barossa Nanna) is an artist, author and gardener. Heather’s productive, flower filled garden is home to chooks and bees. 

Beckles Freckles and her mum, Debra, share their photographs of the Andamooka outback.

Illustrations by Beckles Freckles beautifully depict the birds and animals of the arid zone around Andamooka and the new life that rain brings.

A glossary is provided for some uniquely Australian words to support young readers.

ISBN: 978-0-6488239-7-1

Published: 2023

Created in Australia

Available in e-book