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TUI Cavoodle Goes To The Beach

Tui Cavoodle is an excitable dog with an interest in everything that’s going on, especially opportunities for car trips.

This counting book for young children shows Tui Cavoodle being cautious during his first visit to the beach.

This colour filled book encourages children to count the sea creatures while offering the opportunity for a range of conversations about the beach, the creatures at the beach and what might be going on for Tui.

A digital version of the original concertina collage composition created using gouache overlay based on recycled cards from Heather Gordon’s own collection.

Heather Gordon (aka Barossa Nanna) enjoys having adventures with Tui Cavoodle.

Written and Illustrated by Heather Gordon
ISBN: 978 0 6451250 8 5
Published:  2022
Created in Australia
Available in e-book